Without our community’s support Jumping World would not have the success we have now and the best way to give back a bit of this unconditional support is by helping our schools, churches, clubs, teams and all non-profit organizations from our local area, raise funds.

Jumping World is the perfect place to have fun while raising money for a good cause!

How it Works:

You promote your event, and on the day of the fundraiser for each paying customer that arrives during the time period we have agreed on and with a flyer, we will donate up to 45% per customer to your organization.

On the day of the event after the four hours time frame is up the organization will receive a check with the total money raised.

Flyers will not be permitted to be distribute at Jumping World on the day of the event

**In order to qualify for fundraisers the groups and organizations must have a non-profit tax ID**

When can fundraisers be done?

Monday-Thursday from 11am-10pm
Friday from 11am-3pm only
*Fundraisers may NOT be booked on Fridays after 3pm, weekends, during school vacations or holidays

What we offer:

  • 4 hours time frame to hold your event
  • 2 hours to jump


2 hours of jump for $15; organization gets $7 back

For more information contact us at:
Phone: (832) 767-4980