Are you looking for a movement class that...

  • is low impact?
  • is high in energy?
  • burns calories?
  • improves hand eye coordination?
  • improves balance?

This fitness program is for all shapes, sizes and from ages 5 & up! Good for training for school sports during off season, or just trying to fit in that swimsuit for summer. There are no contracts, come to a class when you can and pay as you go! Haven't found a fitness class that fits you? Jump in and try out Jump in2 Fitness. Contact us if you are ready to get fit! .

Fitness Class
Pasadena Location
Days Mondays & Wednesdays
Time 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Price A $12 deposit is required before the first class to save a spot.
1 class for $12.
8 classes for $50.