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The Attractions (and the FUN) are What Jumping World is All About!

Want to raise everybody’s adrenalin levels — not to mention spirits? Discover high-octane attractions that include:

• Express Zipline
• Challenging Ninja Course
• Slam Dunk Basketball
• Advanced Dodgeball
• Turbo Trampolines

Main Attractions!


Bounce. Fly. Repeat. What’s not to love about our giant Trampoline City? Defying gravity always puts a spring in the step and a smile on the face no matter the age. Don’t wait. Jump to it!
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Toddler Court

Little ones deserve a world of their own where all the fun is scaled for them. That’s exactly what we’ve created with our Toddler Court. It’s the fun, safe place for them to slide, tumble, bounce, and play with someone their own size.
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Redemption Arcade

Name that game and chances are we’ve got it. Jumping World’s super exciting variety of family friendly choices keeps kid, teens, and grown-ups enthralled for hours.
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Foam Pits

Thousands of squishy lightweight foam squares fill our pits to create a warm, cozy welcome. Busy bodies will love the sensation of jumping, rolling, and tumbling in the cushy textures.
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Dodgeball involves all the most coveted sports skills — quick reflexes, pinpoint accuracy, perfect timing, coordination. And, of course, faking your opponent out of their shorts.
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Basketball Dunk

Who hasn’t fantasized about bringing screaming fans to their feet with a backboard shattering dunk? Now’s your chance to slam it firsthand. Our Basketball Dunk attraction gives you all the momentum and lift your moves need.
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Premium Attractions!

Ninja Warrior Course

A course is a course unless of course, it’s our amazing Ninja Warrior attraction! Got a friendly competition or a no-holds-barred battle in mind? This Ninja course nails it. By showcasing skills like speed, agility, and strength, our unpredictable challenge course demonstrates everybody’s in it to win it.
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Water Ball

How do you make waves without ever getting wet? Just slide into one of our transparent Water Balls, close it up, then get on a roll. Our inflatable spheres run circles around any other pool attraction. Get onboard with this whole new dimension in water world entertainment.
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Mechanical Bull Ride

Think your favorite cow pokes want to grab some fun by the horns? Let ‘em saddle up our version of every real rodeo’s star attraction. Our bodacious Mechanical Bull ride thrills tenderfoots, future rodeo queens, and next gen gold buckle winners alike.
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Indoor Zip Line

It’s a bird… a plane… a circus star... or super hero! Our Indoor Zipline inspires young imaginations to take wing while they glide through the air with the greatest of ease. It’s smooth, safe, and above all else, high flying fun at speeds up to 30 mph!
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