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Looking for indoor activities near Texas City, Galveston, Webster, Friendswood, Pearland, Alvin, La Porte, Houston, Hillcrest, and Santa Fe? Jumping World League City is the BEST place for indoor trampolines, foam pits, basketball dunking, dodgeball, and more!

Jumping World League City, TX

DRESS CODE: No denim, socks required

Main Attractions in League City, TX!


Bounce. Fly. Repeat. What’s not to love about our giant Trampoline City? Defying gravity always puts a spring in the step and a smile on the face no matter the age. Don’t wait. Jump to it!

Toddler Court

Little ones deserve a world of their own where all the fun is scaled for them. That’s exactly what we’ve created with our Toddler Court. It’s the fun, safe place for them to slide, tumble, bounce, and play with someone their own size.

Redemption Arcade

Name that game and chances are we’ve got it. Jumping World’s super exciting variety of family friendly choices keeps kid, teens, and grown-ups enthralled for hours.

Foam Pits

Thousands of squishy lightweight foam squares fill our pits to create a warm, cozy welcome. Busy bodies will love the sensation of jumping, rolling, and tumbling in the cushy textures.


Dodgeball involves all the most coveted sports skills — quick reflexes, pinpoint accuracy, perfect timing, coordination. And, of course, faking your opponent out of their shorts.

Basketball Dunk

Who hasn’t fantasized about bringing screaming fans to their feet with a backboard shattering dunk? Now’s your chance to slam it firsthand. Our Basketball Dunk attraction gives you all the momentum and lift your moves need.


Monday11am – 10pm
Tuesday11am – 10pm
Wednesday11am – 10pm
Thursday11am – 10pm
Friday11am – 12am
Saturday10am – 12am
Sunday11am – 10pm

Open Jump Rate

Weekend (Fri – Sun)

Age1st HourEach Add’l Hour
4 and under$8$4
5 and over$11$7

Weekday (Mon – Thurs)

Age1st HourEach Add’l Hour
4 and under$6$3
5 and over$11$6

*Taxes not included. Weekend pricing includes holidays, school vacations, and peak time.

Additional Attractions!

Water Ball Attraction at Jumping World

Water Walking Ball!

$5 For 3 Minutes

How do you make waves without ever getting wet? Our inflatable spheres run circles around any other pool attraction.

Mechanical Bull Ride at Jumping World

Mechanical Bull Ride!

$3 Per Ride

Our bodacious Mechanical Bull ride thrills tenderfoots, future rodeo queens, and next gen gold buckle winners alike.

Specials & Passes!

Jump Punchpass

$100 for 12 hours (24% discount)
•12×1 hour jump passes (5 & up)
•No limit to how many hours
•Pass valid for 1 person

$65 for 12 hours Toddler (26% discount)
•12×1 hour jump passes (4 & under)
•No limit to how many hours
•Pass valid for 1 person

Monthly Membership

$75 for 30 day pass
•Limit of 1 hour per day
•Pass valid for 1 person

School Time Specials!

Monday Mania

50% Off All Arcade Games!

Two-fer Tuesdays & Thursdays

$11 – Get 2 hours of jump time for the price of one!

Twinning Tuesdays

$11 – 1 hour of jump time for 2 people!

Winning Wednesdays

Buy $10 game card and get 30 minutes of jump time for free!

Tiny Tot Special (Mon-Thu)

$13 – Enjoy an hour of jump time for a toddler and an adult (Monday-Thursday Only)
$5 for additional toddler / $8 for additional hour
(Children ages 4 and under are considered toddlers)

School Time Specials are not available during holidays, school vacations, and peak times.

Sign Up For Deals!

/ ( mm / dd )
Epic Pass
  • • 2 Hours of Jump Time
  • • 3 Minutes in Water Walking Ball
  • • 1 Mechanical Bull Ride
  • • $5 Game Card


Water Ball: Ages 4 and Up (under 150lb)

Bull Ride: Ages 4 and Up

All You Can Jump Pass
  • • Unlimited Jump Time


No re-entry

Jump & Chill Pass
  • • 1 Hour of Jump Time
  • • $5 Game Card

An additional hour of jump time is available for an additional $4

Jumping World League City Trampoline Park Reviews

My son goes here for teen nights on Fridays. He's 12. I think the place gets a little crazy but overall I think it's a fun activity for the kids to do. BE CAREFUL. He comes home hurt all the time, the kids are rough. My daughter won't even go! You sign the waiver so bumps bruises and broken bones are on you!
Steff n' Stuff
13:28 03 May 18
My kids would spend all day in here if I let them. They have a lot of fun here and get exercise doing it. Their food is inexpensive and good for what it is. The pricing isn't bad and you can also join in the fun if you want to (and can keep up, lol). The only complaint I have is that there is not much seating for parents. But all-in-all it's a great place for kids to let loose, especially on a rainy day.
Christina DuPont
02:23 20 Apr 18
$11 dollars to jump. It's best to have all that are jumping wear clothing that do not have buckles and they want all that jump to wear socks. It is a nice way to pass an hour or two. It has many different activities like dodgeball, a toddler section, and a rope swing among other things.
Miranda Hampton
21:42 08 Apr 18
The kids love this place. Decent for the price and they make sure to accommodate if you don't have the proper clothing (no jeans) they will let you borrow shorts (you just have to give them your keys for exchange) and need socks (Dollar Tree is right next door).
Maggie Murphy
05:56 25 Jun 18
Took the niece and nephew. Very fun and definitely a workout. I was sweating like crazy after one hour. We had the most fun playing dodge ball.
Jeremy Shoemaker
21:11 12 Jul 18
My son loves going here! We go on Wednesdays with the homeschool group. This place is big and clean! We have been to other jump worlds and they smell like feet.
Nicole G
15:35 16 Jul 18
Kiddo had a great time at this place. It wasn't too crowded in the morning so he had a lot of opportunity to explore on his own which was cool. Seems to have enough to do for kids of all ages. Will definitely be going back!
Trenton Franklin
18:37 04 Aug 18
I stopped taking my daughter here due to the inappropriate music they would always play. They now play kid friendly music and have an arcade, climbing wall and other cool stuff. Im very pleased with the changes that have been made. We are looking forward to spending a lot of time more time here now!!
19:32 08 Aug 18
Super fun and cool, they added arcade games and a bull ride and 2 other play sites. The employees are very nice and chill.
Loser Person
02:18 23 Aug 18
Jumping World has places for all ages and is fun. It's not too large, so you can keep a good eye on your kids. The jumping guards were very nice, even when correcting a young one.
Margaret Carrizales
22:29 22 Sep 18
I lost my wallet so embarrassed they still let me jump me and my son for free amazing people good-hearted love you guys...edit feel free to give me a like thanks
boots McGee
20:20 26 Sep 18
I had my nieces 5th birthday party there and my hostess was Taya. She was amazing! Every question or concern I had she quickly answered! She was attentive, friendly, and welcoming!!! My niece and her enjoyed their time!!!
Jessica Clay
21:44 06 Oct 18
Best service, especially with addison, she really made the experience worth it.I recommend her to any occasion.
Perla Gracia
01:23 20 Oct 18
My 2 kids had a great time here, and the best park is, parents can watch the kids from the sidelines. It's very safe and a great workout for them as well. It was relatively clean and friendly. I recommend you try it.
Armando Carrion
22:06 22 Oct 18
The kids love this place. Prices are very reasonable. Wish they let the smaller kids jump with the bigger kids. They need more video games and stuff in the arcade area. But other than that it's great!
Jeremy Little
16:42 26 Oct 18
We had an awesome time. We took our 11 year old son and 15 month old daughter and they both had a blast. For our young daughter, we found it nice to go during the week after school hours when there weren't alot of people there so that she was able to jump on the main trampoline area without getting run over.
Chelsey F
23:29 26 Oct 18
Came for my nephews bday party and my kids (4,5 &6) had a blast. And Addison was an awesome hostess! Thank you!!
Misty Cain
21:46 03 Nov 18
Since the last time I experienced this place has changed a lot. They added more obstacles in a bigger size area for smaller kids overall very fun and safe
Rolo Zam
01:58 05 Nov 18
Great place to take the kids , and the adults that act like big kids. They have teen nights after 6 pm or 7 pm, which I think is cool because it is a safe place.
Carla B
21:38 06 Nov 18
Really had a great time there with the kids a few days back. It’s a great place to burn some energy off of them. Also there was this one jump guard who’s really tall. I think his name was Carson. He was soooo sweet to my children and they had TONS of fun with him. We need more people like him!!! Keep it up guys!
Heather Lopez
21:56 29 Dec 18
Our family had a lot of fun. The place was clean, not terribly busy on a oliday weekend/Sunday and the staff was nice.
Brandi Ledet
22:48 30 Dec 18
Held my daughter's 5th birthday party here. Our host was friendly and very accommodating to all of our needs. All of our guests including our birthday girl had a blast.
Jasmin A
21:52 23 Jan 19
This place is absolutely one of the most fun places we have been to.... The food is not that great and the prices are a bit steep but the experience is unparalleled.... By far the most fun with the kids but be prepared for a workout lol
Daunte Dennis
02:42 27 Jan 19
My kids LOVE this place. Visited on a Sunday and it wasn't too crowded. Staff was nice. I did feel like the foam squares smelled funny. Like old socks. They should definitely be replaced. Other than that, the place was great.
Lilian Parker
04:46 12 Mar 19
We celebrated my daughter's 7th Birthday here last weekend. My kids and the guests loved it. There is alot of different things for everyone to do. My host , Myranda was great! She was on top of things. It was a great, stress free experience.
Cynthia Campbell
20:38 14 Mar 19
Great place for a child's birthday. Every attendee had as much fun as the birthday girl . Everything was well paced and organized.
doris courteau
22:00 16 Mar 19
Had my daughter's birthday party at the League City, Tx location. Great experience! Jailin was the BEST hostess I've ever had. Very nice and helpful. She eased my stress completely🙂
Tera Rubio
10:35 27 Mar 19
My boys had a blast here. There is a typical snack bar but lots of things for the kids to enjoy.
Sammy Epps
23:48 26 Mar 19
Great fun for kids! Trampolines from wall to wall. Even adults can get a cardio exercise by jumping. Otherwise, they have different activities for different age groups and physical levels. Great birthday party location for kids.
Orlando Beckum
13:58 04 Apr 19
Good place. Maintained well. Good staff. Multiple things for kids. Every activity under one big hal, where keep an eye on your children while having chit chat with friends. I wish they didn't have that loud music.
Liaquat Niazi
01:47 06 Apr 19
Wow so much fun! Our granddaughter just had her 4th birthday party here. A home run!
Donna Wright
05:02 21 Apr 19
We've been coming here for a few years and have not had a bad experience yet. Staff is always nice and helpful. My son has now had 2 birthday parties here, both were a hit with friends and easy breezy for us parents. Our most recent party host Daisy was super sweet to the kids and very attentive. Always recommend Jumping World to friends looking for a party location.
Jan-Michael Myers
17:11 11 May 19
We had a great experience here! We had 2 of our kiddos birthday parties here at the same time and Savannah made our experience fantastic!! She handled everything, even in the midst of the chaos of a 7 and 12 year olds parties!! Wonderful, friendly staff and very clean environment!! There were play places for all ages,even our toddler. A good time was had by all! I was so very pleased and actually got to enjoy my kiddos parties instead of directing the show!! ❣️💖💕
Tameica Wingo
19:57 10 May 19
The only reason why its 4 stars is because it's boring after a while when you can only watch your kid jump. My son certainly has fun and it's only $20 for unlimited jump time. But, us adults have nothing to do, so it's super boring. Maybe put up TVs in every lounge area, or have a pool table or hockey table for adults to use while the kids are jumping.
Samantha Pappa
19:04 13 May 19
Great fun for kids of all ages, adults included. My granddaughter recently had her birthday party here with Lauren as our hostess and it was Awesome! Thank you Lauren for all your hard work and making sure the kids had everything they needed, great job!
13:20 25 May 19
The place is fun for people of all ages! They have different trampolines areas for different ages. Foam pits to swing or jump in to. A fun jousting beam surrounded by foam. A water ball and bull ride. Just a fun family place. The arcade is pretty sweet as well.
23:47 03 Jun 19
It wasn't crowded when I went there on a Tuesday afternoon. Your kid's play there is timed so maybe that's why it wasn't crowded. Also, I saw a person cleaning the party areas. So it seems better sanitized than other places.
Michael Rosburg
19:19 20 Jun 19
This place is pretty fun for kids and their active parents alike. My kids love it here and I use to too. Until, I fractured my more jumping for me. Alas, I can watch my children and they have fun. Easy sign and highly functional.
Natalie Wilson
07:24 29 Jun 19
Really fun place to go for a few hours, good for kids of all ages! The only part I don’t like is the workers are all so young and don’t really know what they are doing. Plus the place could use a good cleaning!
Kylee Smith
17:56 18 Jul 19
A great last minute decision to try this place out for my birthday celebration with my kiddos; so much fun, a good selection of different activity areas! I don't live local, but this will be a new place we can plan on visiting when I come to town!
elizabeth brown
00:37 04 Aug 19
Didn't realize they charge by the hour even though I've been there before so when they ask how long I said an hour didn't realize the time would go by so fast then I heard an announcement reminding us of the time. I wonder what they would have done if we didn't leave on time, come an kick us out🤷‍♀️, it was a weird feeling because I'm useto going to other places an I just pay an my 2 yr old an I can play until they close.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I just don't know how to feel about this place.
fefe angel
00:15 10 Aug 19
We loved this place for my sons Birthday party. He along with all the kids had a great time. Our party host Myranda was very sweet and was extremely helpful with all the party details. We will definitely book here again.
Angela Garza
18:53 12 Aug 19
My 2 year old daughter had an awesome time. I love the fact that they have two nice-sized areas for smaller kids to play in. The hostess, Myranda E, set everything up for my baby’s party. She served the food and made sure we had everything we could even think of needing. All of the kids had plenty of things to do and sufficient jumping time. I would definitely have another party here.
Kendra Mathis
23:19 18 Aug 19

Have Your Next Event at Jumping World!

Our Birthday Packages


Up to 10: $200
Up to 20: $350
Add’l Jumper: $20 each

Up to 10: $250
Up to 20: $400
Add’l Jumper: $20 each

The standard birthday package includes:

  • A total of 2 hours access to birthday party booths (1.5 hrs of jump time and 30 minutes of eating time)
  • A ride in the Water Walking Ball for the Birthday Child!
  • Gift for the Birthday child
  • Party set-up and clean-up
  • A JW Party Host dedicated to your party needs
  • Choice of bottled waters (one for each) or 2 Ltr. drinks (2 for 10 jumpers, 4 for 20 jumpers)
  • 2 Large 1-Topping pizzas for 10 jumpers / 4 large 1-Topping pizzas for 20 jumpers
  • Colorful tablecloth, plates, napkins, forks, and balloons (3)

Party Extras

The available party extras at this Jumping World location include:

  • Large 1-topping Pizza: $12 each
  • Large Deluxe Pizza: $15 each
  • 2 ltr. Drinks: $3 each
  • Bottled Waters: $1 each

Things to Remember

  • A $100 + tax deposit is required on the day the party is reserved (the deposit is refundable up until a week before the party)
  • Birthday party child must meet age (4 yrs & older) and weight (under 150 lb.) requirements to ride in the Water Walking Ball
  • Outside food is NOT allowed (except cake or cupcakes)
  • Monday – Thursday package pricing is NOT valid on school breaks or holidays
  • Please have all party jumpers fill out our Liability waiver
  • Wear socks
  • Denim bottoms or clothing with metal buttons, zippers, snaps, brads, etc. is not permitted

Host Your Fundraiser at Jumping World

You Distribute the Flyers

Flyers will not be permitted to be distributed at Jumping World on the day of the event.

We Donate Up To 45% Per Customer

In order to qualify for fundraisers, the groups and organizations must have a non-profit tax ID

You Get the Funds Afterwards

After the event is over, you will receive a check with the total amount raised.

When Can I Schedule My Fundraiser?

The fundraising event is a 4 hour block and can be scheduled based on the following:

  • Mondays through Thursdays between 11am and 10pm
  • Fridays from 11am to 3pm
  • Fundraisers may NOT be booked on Fridays after 3pm, on weekends, during school vacations, or on holidays

How Much Does it Cost?

Each jumper pays $15 for two hours of jumping during the fundraiser.

How Much Does the Host Organization Make?

Each jumper pays $15 and the fundraising organization gets back $7.

The Best Field Trips are at Jumping World

Great Food & Beverages

State of the Art Facility

Family Friendly Environment

When Can I Schedule a Field Trip?

  • Mondays through Thursdays between 11am and 10pm
  • Field trips may NOT be booked on Fridays after 3pm, on weekends, during school vacations, or on holidays

How Much Does it Cost?

Each jumper pays $8 for one hour or $14 for two hours of jumping.

Bring Your Crew to Jumping World!


20 Jumpers (No Food or Drink)

20 Jumpers (With Food and Drinks)
Available Mon-Fri ONLY

Your group fee includes the following:

  • Reserved booth with setup/cleanup (Mon-Fri ONLY)
  • 2 hours of jumping
  • Paper plates, napkins, and utensils (with food package)
  • One slice of pizza per jumper (with food package)
  • One bottle of water per jumper (with food package)

Things to Remember

  • Group packages with food cannot be booked on weekends (Friday after 3pm, Saturday, or Sunday).
  • $100.00 deposit required with signed agreement to reserve date, remaining balance is due before the event concludes.
  • For the food package there is an additional 20 minutes to eat after the 2 hours of jump time has expired (this package is only available Monday-Friday).

Address & Directions

Jumping World League City Trampoline Park

100 Gulf Fwy N
League City, TX 77573

Other Locations

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